Choosing your sink with Kitchen Refacing

‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’, is a popular saying  that conveys the idea of the importance of the kitchen sink.  If you have a good countertop it can last through the kitchen refacing process for years of more use  The style, material and color can make a big difference in the look, value and durability of your kitchen. You may opt for a single or double sink ; a modern or classic style; and perhaps add a second sink or smaller prep sink. Regardless of how often you may use the sink, it should last for years and at least the lifetime of your kitchen (until you Reface or remodel your kitchen again).

A few questions to consider when selecting your sink: What style and color do I prefer? Will the color and style complement the style of my existing or new kitchen? What is best with my new countertop? What is my budget? Which sink is more heat resistant, less likely to chip or scratch?   How many bowls do I really need and do I need a divider?

Single or Double Sinks: It seems like the trends to a single bowl sink has gained ground in recent years, but you should decide what works best for you, unless you are renovating for resale only, opt for single bowl.  With a double bowl sink,consider the divider. If it is lower it can still accommodate large cookware. imagine the pots and pans you will be cleaning in the sink before you make a decision.

Undermount or Overmount Sinks?: Undermount models are very popular since it provides a seamless transition from the countertop to the sink. A Granite or Quartz counter tops work best with undermount sinks- it creates a seamless look. The advantage of an “under-mount” sink is that it gives a contemporary look to the kitchen but the disadvantages are extra cost in both the sink and the counter top.The undermount sink still creates a small ledge so proper cleaning can be a challenge.

Overmount models include simple stain less steel design to farmhouse style or vintage reproductions. A close seam is created with a lip of the sink over the surface of the counter top. A popular style is the  farmer’s sink is a deep sink which  has a finished front. Set onto a countertop, the finished front of the sink remains exposed. This style of sink requires very little “reach-over” to access the sink.

Type of Materials for Sinks:

Stainless steel sink modernStainless Steel Sinks has become widely used in kitchens , replacing many cast iron and ceramic sinks. It is the perfect  complement to matching Stainless steel appliances or a high end commercial-styled appliance. More affordable and stain resistant to a degree, stainless steel kitchen sinks contain chromium and nickel. Additional scratch resistant coatings and satin finishes are available to improve durability. They are prone to spotting and scratches. The thicker the gauge the more durable and expensive the sink.  The sinks come in varying thicknesses: 16 gauge (thicker and higher in quality) to 22 gauge (thinner and less expensive).

Composite-Granite-Kitchen-Sink-DecorComposite Sinks, such as Granite-Resin Sinks are new on the design scene for kitchens. They offer a limited amount of colors, but is uniform in color and doesn’t scratch as easily as Stainless steel. They are also heat resistant and many are resistant to staining but chemicals must be avoided, as with Stainless steel sinks. It does not need to be sealed like granite and is less expensive than solid granite, however, stainless steel sinks are still the most affordable and common sink material.

Granite Sink in an Apron Front design provides a modern look.
Granite Sink in an Apron Front design provides a modern look.

Quartz Composite Sinks have similar attributes as the Granite composite sinks, but slightly less durable, yet has a uniform color ( man made stone) and very heat resistant.

Solid Granite Sinks: Are expensive and has a luster that makes granite popular as a counter top. It is very heat

resistant and scratch resistant, but composite is more durable. Metallic colored Granite Sinks are a popular trend now and its withstands staining, denting and many daily abuses. However, it must be installed properly and level, since staining water will cause staining.  metal residue can also cause problems


A traditional look would be an enameled cast iron, are extremely durable and will not crack, chip or burn. More colors, shapes and styles are available. Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are becoming popular as well as other materials .Traditional style kitchen can look great with an apron front sink , which is similar to a farmhouse style. These sinks are ergonomically friendly which  allows easier access to sink and faucet, than drop-in style sinks or an under-mount sink.


Regardless of the style you choose we at NY Kitchen Reface can make it happen for you. Along with our cabinet refacing systems we can provide you with the countertop and sink you need.



Before Refacing
Before Refacing
After Refacing- Kitchen is Espresso stained Maple doors in Shaker.
After Refacing- Kitchen is Espresso stained Maple doors in Shaker.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet refacing and refinishing are viable means of updating your kitchen while staying on budget or doing it as quickly and hassle free as possible. NY Kitchen Refaces does not refinish cabinets, but we understand it is an option to be considered. Below we will define the two methods and hopefully help you decide which one to choose.

In both cases you need to begin with a structurally sound cabinet box: Refacing and Refinishing require a structurally sound box. Some repairs can be done, for example, a common cabinet to replace is the cabinet housing the sink, which is prone to water damage. It can be inserted into the kitchen remodel and Refaced to blend in perfectly. Laminated cabinet boxes in structurally sound condition can be Refaced with new veneer but not refinished.

The Process of Refacing includes the removal of existing doors, molding and side panels replaced with brand new doors and molding. The frames of the cabinet boxes are called horizontal rails and vertical stiles. They are veneered  with matching veneer or  painted, depending on surface and  preference. The side of cabinets are either covered with the matching veneer or  a panel with the same design of the new doors or a complementary look.

Kitchen Refacing  is suitable for more kitchens and can completely change the look and feel of the room. You can choose from hundreds of styles and looks and type of doors from Cherry, Maple, Painted or Ridgid thermofoil doors. Refinishing is suitable for wood doors only. All exposed surfaces of wood cabinet box is sanded for either Refacing or Refinishing.

All exposed surfaces of wood cabinet box is sanded and prepped for veneer.
All exposed surfaces of wood cabinet box is sanded and prepped for veneer.
Veener in matching color  covers exposed areas of cabinet box.
Veener in matching color covers exposed areas of cabinet box.


Refinishing can provides a variety of color choices depending on your contractor .The best finished stain and paint to doors is usually done in a spray booth but on location is possible as well. of course you have more fumes and mess if you do. The face frames and sides either need to be refaced or painted on site. The U.S. Green Building Council reports off-gassing of oil-based finishes can last for months or even years. Some lower-VOC, water-based products largely finish off-gassing within a few days.

The Refinishing Process includes painting or staining. Painting is a temporary solution when your budget doesn’t allow any other solution yet.  It is prone to human error , as painting by hand or spray machine, depends on the contractors expertise and prep of the original surface.  Refinishing may be more affordable, but it is temporary because grease, dirt and glossy surfaces tend to shed paint, making it hard to get a good initial finish and poor future results if the paint bubbles or peels.

Staining, like painting, is also a temporary solution.  Over time the cabinets will change color due to the sun and heat and grease from cooking.  Staining requires a lot of messy prep work from sanding and stripping with toxic chemicals. If you have painted cabinets with lead paint specific health and safety precautions are required by law. This will increase the price and a professional is required for your best interest.

Cost of Labor vs. Materials vs Time: The process of Refinishing a kitchen is labor intensive but if you simply want a different color or finish it is a good choice versus a full kitchen remodel. Refacing can be comparable to the cost of refinishing, and 1/3  to 1/2 less than a full remodel. For Refinishing the cost of “dipping” doors in chemical to strip paint or use of the spray both is an added cost to the contractor. Additional hand sanding at your home is another labor cost, not to mention cost and time for clean up.

Basics Steps in the Process of Refinishing: Remove hardware and doors are usually removed and taken to contractors workshop for sanding and finishing. This will avoid accumulating dust and toxic fumes in your home. When the finished doors are reinstalled , they will release fumes VOCs . It depends on the type of chemicals used, oil based or water based.  It is recommended that you select Water based finish which is safer for your family and the environment. many contractors prefer using oil based finishes and paints because they are very durable and may be easier to apply.

A heavy coat of paint stripper in applied by hand to cabinet boxes. This means fumes and time is needed for this process. The doors, panels and moldings are sanded either at your home or back at the contractor’s workshop. This will determine costs and health concerns. You can’t change the style of kitchen doors, only the stain or paint color.

Depending on the sanding method  the longer the sanding process takes the more labor is involved. Usually hand sanding is done with various levels coarseness of sand paper. “Dipping” doors or wood items in stripping chemicals may be done. Inquire with the contractor what type of chemical are used. Dipping can remove the glue of some doors. Oil based vs. water based matters when it comes to fumes.

Avoid Off Gases by Ventilating Your Home: It is advised by health experts to keep windows and doors open as much as possible for ventilation; use fans to blow fumes outside; turn up the heat to decrease drying time and speed up off-gasing, and consider using air purifiers to help clean the air. Refacing has minimal health concerns and less VOCs are released. If you are concerned about off gases and dust, than Refacing is the best choice for you and your family.

Before Refacing
Before Refacing, kitchen had  outdated flat panels.
After Refacing Cabinets
Refaced with White Shaker Doors in Maple

The basic difference between Refacing and Refinishing your kitchen is the style and color options. Refacing allows you to completely change the look of your kitchen with a different style door style,type of material, color and finish. Refinishing only allows for change of color and finish.

Refacing can be done in wood or laminate (popular brand formica).  Hardwood doors choices include a variety of wood types, such as Maple, Cherry, Oak and more. More Eco-friendly options are available like Bamboo. NY Kitchen Reface also offers  Eco-friendly wood doors that are Forest Sustainable Certified and California Board Certified for Low VOC,  the release of volatile  off gas chemicals.

Kitchen is refaced  with an updated look.
Before and After: Kitchen is refaced with an updated look.
Antique White Maple Doors with Applied rope molding is one of many door options.
Antique White Maple Doors with Applied rope molding is one of many door options.


Bathroom cabinets Can be Refaced!


Colonia NJ Before Bathroom Reface
This old Formica cabinet was refaced with much more elegant Raised panel style RTF doors. Side panels were also added to further refine the look.


I often get asked this question and of course the answer is YES. Refacing can create an updated look not just for the kitchen cabinets but the bathroom ones too.  The process of refacing the existing bathroom vanity and cabinets starts with cabinet boxes in good to excellent condition. New doors are selected and all visible areas of the cabinets are covered with a matching veneer or panel. You can choose from a variety of  door materials and styles, such as solid hardwood or RTF (rigid thermafoil).

If you have damaged drawers or would like to change the style of the existing drawer faces , you can choose from a variety of styles  such as, raised panels to a more simple flat panel. The drawer boxes can also be replaced with new hardware, such as , easy glide tracks and self closing options. A new drawer boxes with dovetail construction  is another choice you can make to ensure the remodel is long lasting. All cabinet refacing remodels have a warranty of 2 years, which is longer than the one year manufacturer’s warranty. All our doors and wood products are made in the U.S.A. and we only use low or non VOC paints, stains and adhesives.  Here are some examples of bathrooms we at NY Kitchen Reface have done.ColoniaNJAfterBathroomReface-1South_2_combined510234a1931e9.jpg

Honey Maple Raised Panel Cabinet reface in Secaucus New Jersey


This kitchen reface in Secaucus, New Jersey transformed a kitchen that looked dull and washed out, into a warm and inviting one. The homeowner purchased their new home with a kitchen which wasn’t their dream. The existing kitchen didn’t have solid wood doors and the veneer and panels didn’t match.

Pull out trashcan is a worthwhile addition

Why Refacing was the best choice:

The layout was ideal for the space and had ample storage and counter space,the cabinet boxes were in excellent condition and they were happy with the existing granite counter top. They didn’t want the mess and long delays that a traditional remodel would entail.

The N.Y. Kitchen Reface Difference:

The homeowner chose  a  solid wood Maple door with a honey stain. Maple is a popular choice because its durable and there is minimal wood grain. A  raised panel design was chosen for the door style, which is a great traditional look. The matching raised panels were continued around the back of the peninsula/island and on the sides of the cabinets as well. This adds more detail and “curb” appeal which is a stylish improvement over the plain look before the reface remodel. Storage solutions were also added to maximize the functionality of the kitchen. This included the easy glide pull out drawers for the  SecaucusAfterReface3trash can.


Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing  the

best choice for you?


 Here are a few questions that should help you determine if Refacing your Kitchen Cabinets is right for you.

Are you satisfied with your current kitchen layout?

Refacing is the best choice if you plan to keep your current kitchen layout or only make minor adjustments. With the money you save by choosing refacing, you can upgrade your appliances, improve the functionality of your kitchen with new storage solutions, upgrade the counter top or choose a more decorative tile for a backsplash. Read more about getting your kitchen organized with storage solutions.

If you answered No, consider the following:

Changing your kitchen’s existing layout  only increases the cost of your remodel and might not be necessary. Each licensed workman, plumbing or electrical,  means more time and money.  Perhaps you can choose one change in the layout, thus reducing the cost of demolition and additional  licensed professionals. You can Read more about the types of layouts and how to make work zones more effective, and you can save time and money.

If your cabinet boxes are in good condition, your layout can be altered in minor ways and still reface your kitchen and save.


Are you changing your counter top?  __Yes   __ No

If you plan to keep your existing counter top, refacing is the best choice, since removing the countertop can cause damage to the cabinets or countertop itself.  However, many of our clients choose to update their counter while refacing (which we can also provide) but still see the value in refacing.

What is the Condition of your cabinet boxes   __ Poor     __Good  __ Like New

If you chose Good  or Like New, you are in great shape! This allows you to reuse the existing boxes which saves you the cost of demolition, additional materials and labor. It also keeps perfectly good cabinets out of the landfill.


Is there Water Damage ?   __ None  __ Only under Sink Cabinet   ___ More than one Cabinet Box

The best case scenario is no water damage on the existing cabinet boxes, but if there is minimal damage, consider replacing one or more cabinet box. The cabinet holding the sink is the most common area for water damage, but this cabinet can be replaced while you now update your existing sink and/or counter top. NY Kitchen can replace this cabinet and still create a uniform look for your kitchen.  Depending on the location of the damaged cabinet boxes, New York Kitchen Reface may be able to create  a combination reface and remodel project, by replacing only the damaged cabinet boxes.

Unfortunately, if your cabinet boxes are in bad shape, it may not be salvageable. NY Kitchen Reface can offer an affordable full remodels with USA made materials. As a smaller company we do not have a large overhead of big box home improvement chains.


Extra height is available between existing upper cabinets and ceiling?   __ Yes   __ No

You may want to add extra storage space by replacing the existing cabinets or adding wider crown molding for a different design feature.


 How long do your plan to stay in your current home? ___ less than 5 years   ___ approx. 10 years  __more than 10 years

NY Kitchen Reface offers a variety of materials for any budget. You can choose hardwood doors with many features and decorative additions for trim and panels. You also can choose to update the kitchen to appeal to the next buyer with a more contemporary look, with a popular white Shaker style door for example.

The National Home-builder’s Association’s survey states that homebuyers stay in their “forever” home on average 13 years, with first time homeowners usually stay for approx 11 years. Apparently homeowner mobility has declined since 2007.

Is Kitchen Refacing right for you? Contact us now at 347-850-2425

Creating a Functional Kitchen Layout

with Work Zones

Do you find yourself having to reach for a pot from the cabinet at the far end of your kitchen or just don’t have enough room to place a serving platter on the counter next to your stove? Insufficient counter space between appliances, the placement of major appliances and the lack of well positioned cabinets and drawers, all add up to a dysfunctional kitchen.  If your planning to update your kitchen, the key to having a functional one is understanding the type of kitchen layout and its relation to work zones (prep, cooking and storage). With this in mind, you can create a dream kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

For the last  fifty years,  a triangle has been used to demonstrate the set up for a more functional kitchen, with each major appliance positioned at each point of the triangle. The layout of your appliances end up dictating your work zones. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)  guidelines states that each side of the triangle should be no longer than 4 feet  or longer than 9 feet. The total or area of all three sides should  be 26 feet or less. If you have a small kitchen with only one wall, it is recommended that the sink be positioned at the center of the triangle. Each layout has its challenges,but there are many ways to improve the efficiency of these work zones with your current kitchen layout.

A U-Shape layout is considered to be the most functional kitchen set up because it allows for efficient work zones with counter space and storage on all three sides. Usually there is an appliance on one of three walls or an island is used in the center for one a sink or cook top. An island can also be used as an additional prep area to connect a larger kitchen with this layout.  Counter space for prep at least 15 inches wide allows for efficient work zones. The placement of items related to the task, such as cooking utensils and pots, next to the stove or directly across from it, is an example of a good work zone. For a more functional cooking zone, deep drawers can be added for easy access, versus storing them at the bottom of a cabinet. This type of drawer is becoming increasingly popular, replacing a double or single cabinet door with an easy-glide track system.

After Cabinet reface
An L-Shaped Kitchen with White Shaker Featuring arched door front panels and quartz counter top.

A L-shape kitchen layout  and work zones utilizes a space with two adjacent walls and doesn’t take as much space as a U-shape layout. The short end of the L, usually has major work center at each crook, to better work zone activity. The addition of a island adds prep space or area to dine or socialize. Also the counter space between the sink and stove allow for prep and wash zone areas.

A G-shape kitchen is similar to the L-shape layout but with a peninsula, which functions in many ways as an island would.  The interior of the peninsula can be used as a prep zone and also provide for storage.

A galley style kitchen may not offer an island but with proper placement of work zones, you can create plenty of prep and storage areas. Storage baskets and easy glide systems can allow for easy access to vegetables and pots near a cook or wash zone. For the ideal amount of prep space the sink  should be positioned at the center of this layout with the refrigerator and stove on the opposite wall. There are a variety of storage solutions to make each zone more efficient. Read More.

Straightline Reface (2 of 4)
Straight Line Kitchen After refacing

The straight line layout often found in smaller spaces or in older homes, can offer sufficient prep and storage if cabinets storage is organized in relation

to the work zone. For example, placing everyday glassware and dishes in kitchen cabinets adjacent to the sink and dishwasher creates a more efficient wash zone.  For opti

mum prep space, it is recommended that the there be at least 15 inches and no less than 26 inches between the sink and stove, allow for work zones for each ( wash and prep zones)

.   NKBA guideline recommendations state that if you have  a straight line kitchen design, you can position the sink between the refrigerator and stove. This would offer the most functional design with ample prep space in between appliances.

The work zones of your current kitchen should function accordingly to basic concepts, such as providing a minimum of 15 inches of counter space adjacent to main appliances such as the sink and stove top. The lack of storage and prep zones can make even a large kitchen feel crammed. Before you consider relocating your appliances,  think about what items are needed for your everyday use and how you can reorganize them based on zone activity. Prep & Wash, Cooking and Storage are the work zones that allow for a more functional kitchen. Some solutions include: changing hinged cabinet doors with ones attached to pull-out slides or replace them with large drawers. This alone can make your existing layout and work zones more functional.

When planning your kitchen remodeling project, consider your budget, time frame and disruption to your life.  With refacing you can utilize the existing cabinet boxes and create an updated look for your kitchen with less time and mess. If you absolutely need to relocate an appliance, think about the sink, since it is considered the most important connection to the other work zones.

The cost of moving a sink or stove will increase your budget, so you may want to consider a reface/remodel combination to create your dream kitchen. This entails relocating appliances with a licensed plumber and or electrician, but keeping a section of the existing cabinets. Matching doors and veneer, such as hardwood, can be added to the refaced section of the kitchen as well as the portion with new cabinet boxes. NY Kitchen Reface can meet your needs and budget with a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing/Remodel by adding new cabinets to the existing layout or building an island to increase prep or storage space. This can also be accomplished with either a new or the existing layout.

For less stress and mess, choose NY Kitchen Reface. Call Us at 347-850-2425 or use the contact form. We look forward to helping you create your dream kitchen with less stress and mess.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in the Flatiron District


We refaced this kitchen found in the Flatiron district of Midtown Manhattan. The original cabinets were a cherry colored RTF flat slab doors which we refaced with an Espresso shaker style. This is a more formal look and fits with the rest of the apartment better. The high quality solid maple doors really make a statement. As you can see the fridge panels were also replaced to match the new doors. The homeowner also chose to replace the glass tile backsplash with a subway tile to finish the look.


FlatIron District before Reface
FlatIron District After Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

FlatIronDistrictAfterReface (2 of 3) FlatIron District After Reface

How to Select a Style for Your Kitchen Reface


Create a Concept for your Kitchen: First start with a simple list of “Must Haves”, for your dream kitchen. Depending on your budget it may be one or more items…It may be Cherry or Maple Cabinets or Granite counter tops?  Do you need new appliances or can you incorporate your current ones and perhaps add side panels to update and create a seamless new kitchen. With Cabinet refacing, your remodel will have quality kitchen doors without replacing your cabinet boxes, so your budget is doable.

Create an Idea book with photos from various magazines or “pin” decorating idea to your Pintrest account.  Another thing to consider before you remodel your kitchen is your budget. This may require you to select a different type of wood or counter top to still have the look you want. Also, the reason for the remodel is another factor when you select the style for your new kitchen Reface. Do you plan to stay in your home for a few years or many? This may determine the style you select for your new kitchen.

Take an inventory on how the rest of your home is decorated. Is it something you just put together due to convenience or something you put a lot of thought into it. Perhaps there are piece in your collection or one room that you would like to carry into your kitchen. On the other hand, you may want something totally different from the rest of your home and the kitchen reface-remodel will spur those changes.  Many professional interior designers will take your favorite “pieces” ,  such as artwork, furniture, color and design your home or room around that!

Traditional – Choose a classic design which features raised panels from arched, dome or rectangular shaped.  Draw fronts can be customized with a raised or flat center panels,  to complete a classic look for your kitchen. If you want more emphasis on the raised panel, add a routed cut to a traditional style door or drawer front.

Some styles under this category include:

Craftsman- Arts & Craft, Mission Style is simplicity, practical in harmony with natural surroundings. Straight lines, right angles, exposed joinery. Natural tone wood is common with oak and cherry woods. Mitered corners add additional emphasis to doors.

Victorian style– A contemporary take on a classic turn of the century look- more routing to create regal style, dark wood with high gloss; Rope molding or beaded molding can give a kitchen a more country look, Victorian or elegant style.

A Country inspired kitchen can provide a very comfortable and charming look to your home. Choose from French Country, English Country or New England Country looks. Choose lite shades of cherry or maple, add a natural or glaze or paints. Painted choices like, Satin Antique White, Buttercream or a Country French Blue. Shaker Style- recessed panel doors are simple and have classic lines.

Contemporary Looks:  Clean lines focus on a simple , yet contemporary look by using color and texture.  Choose flat panel doors and drawer fronts; vertical grain looks;

Shaker Style can be either traditional or contemporary. It all depends upon the color you select, counter and accents. from white to a darker glazed door, such as espresso or  wild rice.

An Italian or European Look mainly consists of RTF doors with high gloss vinyl or paint ; Also flat panel hardwood doors in various types of wood are common.

A Retro and Vintage looks also incorporates High gloss and bright colors.

An Industrial look incorporates aluminum doors and glass to a style that became popular in the 50 and 60s and still is common today. Use of aluminum and concrete counter tops can create this look.

Whatever you are looking for NY Kitchen Reface can help. Contact Us now to set up an appointment and find out why Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the way to go.



Organize your Kitchen in 2014


Dreaming of ways to be more organized in 2014?  Let’s start with your kitchen. Understanding how you utilize your kitchen and how functional or dysfunctional it currently is, will determine your needs. Consider your current kitchen layout,  can you can add accessories, storage solutions or update the design?

Think Divide and Conquer: By adding drawer dividers for cutlery, utensils and even storage containers, you can take control over clutter. Options are available in a variety of sizes and designs. These inserts can divide your everyday utensils from items that are used infrequently. Lids and storage containers can also be divided.

Easy Glide- Easy Life: There are a variety of pull-out options for baskets and shelves on the market.  Adding pull-out shelves to existing cabinets compartmentalizes your things and offers easy access to items.  Movable shelving or baskets can hold large pots and pans; appliances such as mixers and pop corn machines; bins for onion and potatoes.

Unseen Options: Create a seamless kitchen by installing bins for recycling and trash with pull out accessories attached to a door . This option hides your bins but still allows easy access. Add this feature to an end cabinet or island closer to the location you would bring your trash outdoors.

Large deep Drawers are useful
Large deep Drawers are useful

Bulky Storage Items: Change the doors of your existing cabinet to deep drawers for the storage of pots, pans, platters, mixing bowls and more. This option provides easy access and you won’t have to reach far back into your cabinet or use a step stool to find these items anymore.

Organize By Function: Everyday items such as dishes and glasses should be easily accessible, above the dishwasher or sink; while less used items, such as items for entertaining or baking can be

positioned higher or further from prime counter space for everyday use.

Organize by Zone: Create cooking and prep zones, such as storage bins for onions and potatoes near your sink or stove; storage of pots and related accessories near your stove; bake ware and related appliances stored in relation to how often they are in use.

Nothing Lazy About Susan: Add a Lazy Susan to make that corner cabinet functional or replace your old one with a newer option. This is still a good option for pantry items.

More is Better: Add cabinets that are taller for extras storage for less frequently used items such as for entertaining or special occasions. If you don’t mind using a step stool, it can really provide more space on a limited wall surface. Build a new island with extra storage or add cabinets to another area for pantry use.

Open Options: Think of design and access when you add or update shelving. Shelving is great to display decorative dishware, your wine collection or cookbooks. Add storage shelves made for wine bottles inside your shelves or as a design feature to your kitchen.

Reface Your Kitchen and include  Storage Solutions: By thinking of function first, you can help yourself be more organized with smart storage solutions. Any one of these options can be part of your new remodeled or refaced kitchen. Contact us today in New york or New Jersey for information on how we can help you with of these options.



 Country Style

Cabinet Reface in Maplewood NJ


We just had the pleasure of completing a renovation in a 1930’s era cape home in Maplewood New Jersey. The owners wanted an updated kitchen but wanted to keep the feel of the rest of the home. The refacing project gave a contemporary look  yet kept the charm of the home with the selection of an arched flat panel door with a shaker style look.

They were happy with the layout and look of the old solid upper cabinets but they wanted to put in a dishwasher and add some more storage space to the lower cabinets.

A “hybrid” Kitchen Reface Remodel was the solution for this Essex County home. We replaced all the lower cabinets except for the floor to ceiling cabinet in the corner while refacing the upper cabinets to match. The upper cabinet boxes were in great condition for refacing. The boxes were sanded and painted with a “factory match” paint to create a seamless look between new doors and reused cabinet boxes. New doors and hardware were then installed on all the cabinets. The remodel was topped off with a beautiful granite countertop.

The finished product is a beautiful, yet functional kitchen, which fits perfectly with this 1930’s center hall colonial home.

before (2 of 2)Kitchen Before Reface

After Cabinet reface in Maple Wood New jersey
After Cabinet reface

maplewood NJ after Cabinet Reface Essex County

<   [caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="770"]After Cabinet reface NJ After Cabinet reface[/caption]