Bathroom cabinets Can be Refaced!


Colonia NJ Before Bathroom Reface
This old Formica cabinet was refaced with much more elegant Raised panel style RTF doors. Side panels were also added to further refine the look.


I often get asked this question and of course the answer is YES. Refacing can create an updated look not just for the kitchen cabinets but the bathroom ones too.  The process of refacing the existing bathroom vanity and cabinets starts with cabinet boxes in good to excellent condition. New doors are selected and all visible areas of the cabinets are covered with a matching veneer or panel. You can choose from a variety of  door materials and styles, such as solid hardwood or RTF (rigid thermafoil).

If you have damaged drawers or would like to change the style of the existing drawer faces , you can choose from a variety of styles  such as, raised panels to a more simple flat panel. The drawer boxes can also be replaced with new hardware, such as , easy glide tracks and self closing options. A new drawer boxes with dovetail construction  is another choice you can make to ensure the remodel is long lasting. All cabinet refacing remodels have a warranty of 2 years, which is longer than the one year manufacturer’s warranty. All our doors and wood products are made in the U.S.A. and we only use low or non VOC paints, stains and adhesives.  Here are some examples of bathrooms we at NY Kitchen Reface have done.ColoniaNJAfterBathroomReface-1South_2_combined510234a1931e9.jpg

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