Organize your Kitchen in 2014


Dreaming of ways to be more organized in 2014?  Let’s start with your kitchen. Understanding how you utilize your kitchen and how functional or dysfunctional it currently is, will determine your needs. Consider your current kitchen layout,  can you can add accessories, storage solutions or update the design?

Think Divide and Conquer: By adding drawer dividers for cutlery, utensils and even storage containers, you can take control over clutter. Options are available in a variety of sizes and designs. These inserts can divide your everyday utensils from items that are used infrequently. Lids and storage containers can also be divided.

Easy Glide- Easy Life: There are a variety of pull-out options for baskets and shelves on the market.  Adding pull-out shelves to existing cabinets compartmentalizes your things and offers easy access to items.  Movable shelving or baskets can hold large pots and pans; appliances such as mixers and pop corn machines; bins for onion and potatoes.

Unseen Options: Create a seamless kitchen by installing bins for recycling and trash with pull out accessories attached to a door . This option hides your bins but still allows easy access. Add this feature to an end cabinet or island closer to the location you would bring your trash outdoors.

Large deep Drawers are useful
Large deep Drawers are useful

Bulky Storage Items: Change the doors of your existing cabinet to deep drawers for the storage of pots, pans, platters, mixing bowls and more. This option provides easy access and you won’t have to reach far back into your cabinet or use a step stool to find these items anymore.

Organize By Function: Everyday items such as dishes and glasses should be easily accessible, above the dishwasher or sink; while less used items, such as items for entertaining or baking can be

positioned higher or further from prime counter space for everyday use.

Organize by Zone: Create cooking and prep zones, such as storage bins for onions and potatoes near your sink or stove; storage of pots and related accessories near your stove; bake ware and related appliances stored in relation to how often they are in use.

Nothing Lazy About Susan: Add a Lazy Susan to make that corner cabinet functional or replace your old one with a newer option. This is still a good option for pantry items.

More is Better: Add cabinets that are taller for extras storage for less frequently used items such as for entertaining or special occasions. If you don’t mind using a step stool, it can really provide more space on a limited wall surface. Build a new island with extra storage or add cabinets to another area for pantry use.

Open Options: Think of design and access when you add or update shelving. Shelving is great to display decorative dishware, your wine collection or cookbooks. Add storage shelves made for wine bottles inside your shelves or as a design feature to your kitchen.

Reface Your Kitchen and include  Storage Solutions: By thinking of function first, you can help yourself be more organized with smart storage solutions. Any one of these options can be part of your new remodeled or refaced kitchen. Contact us today in New york or New Jersey for information on how we can help you with of these options.



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