Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Remodeling

What is the difference between a reface and a remodel?

Refacing is refurbishing of the existing cabinets (boxes) while adding new doors and molding. It does not require removal of any other parts of the kitchen. Cabinet Refacing is usually completed in under a week and costs from 40% to 70% less then a traditional remodel. You rarely lose the ability to use your kitchen for more then a day.

Refacing is also a green solution as your good cabinet boxes are not discarded into a landfill. All our products are made in the U.S.A.. We offer sustainable choices like Bamboo and use Eco-friendly adhesives (no formaldehyde) and low VOC paints and stains.

A traditional remodel involves the removal of all existing cabinets and the installation of new cabinets, countertops and flooring. Countertops and flooring are almost always replaced when new cabinets are to be installed, as tearing out existing cabinets does not usually leave you with a usable countertop or floor. Repairing walls is usually needed as well. You never know what you will find that now needs repairs. It is more expensive and you may have to live without use of your kitchen for an extended period.

How do I decide if Refacing is for me?


If your cabinets are in good condition and you are happy with the present layout except for a couple of changes then kitchen cabinet refacing is a great option for you. Often your existing cabinets are a much higher quality then today’s flimsier construction. We can also add new cabinets to your existing kitchen layout- basically a “hybrid” reface – remodel.

Throwing your existing cabinets into the landfill and replacing with cheap boxes does not make sense. That is when you call us. We will save you the time, mess, and the added cost of a full remodel while still giving you a kitchen you will love.


What part of the cabinets get refaced?

All exposed areas on the outside of your cabinets gets refaced. This usually means the face frames and sides of the cabinets. From the outside it is almost impossible to tell that these are not new cabinets. We normally use thin veneer for this but depending on the surface type and finish selected, paints and stains may also be used.

What determines the cost?

The cost to reface a kitchen can vary depending on three factors. The Door Style: the more complex or detailed a door is the more expensive it tends to be. The Type of Material that is chosen for the doors and veneer are one of the largest factors in determining the cost. A reface done in cherry hardwood with glazing would cost much more than in white laminate.
The Size of the kitchen – The bigger the kitchen the more doors, drawer fronts, veneer and labor involved.

Can you give me examples of the cost to reface kitchen cabinets?


Below are 4 different reface quotes based on a 10 x 10 kitchen layout, the first 2 are in Rigid thermofoil (RTF) while the latter are done in real wood with wood veneers.

  • White Rigid Thermofoil Reface with Arlington RTF doors at $4,550
  • Cherry Rigid Thermofoil Reface with Cherry RTF doors  at $4,900
  • Oak hardwood stained reface with S198 Oak doors  $5,800
  • Cherry Stained Raised panel      $6,200
  • White Shaker hardwood stained reface  $6,400

The price for your kitchen will vary according to size and options and location. Quotes are for refacing only, which includes new doors, drawer fronts, veneers, hinging and complete install.

How long does it take to reface a kitchen?

All our Doors and materials are custom made to your kitchen’s specification our U.S.A. made materials are delivered within 3 to 6 weeks .

The Cabinet Refacing itself usually takes 3-5 days depending on kitchen size and details for veneer and additions. This time may be extended when additional work is required, such as adding or modifying cabinets, installing lighting or a new sink; installing a new  countertop or any additional features that you desire for your kitchen such as crown molding or decorative shelving. We make our best effort to work with your schedule and any other contractors involved.

What warranties do I get ?


All of our workmanship carries a 2 year warranty from the day the job is completed. This is double the industry standard. Additionally many of our products carry a warranty from the manufacturer.

How does it impact the value of my home?

As per the National Board of Realtor’s annual report, titled, ” 2012-2013 Cost vs. Value” your investment in updating your kitchen is likely to be recouped. Kitchen refacing is one of the highest return on your investment you can make when remodeling your home.  Read More…


What areas of New York do you serve?

NY Kitchen Reface serves Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York.

What areas of New Jersey do you serve?

We serve northern New Jersey including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union, and Warren counties.