We at NY Kitchen Reface think outside the cabinet box when it comes to offering a variety of options to create your dream kitchen and meet your needs. We offer service, quality products and luxury on any budget.

If you want to create a beautiful kitchen with a new layout, keep the existing layout and add new cabinetry and accents or a “Hybrid” remodel by keeping portions of your existing cabinet boxes, and add/replace portions.

If your current kitchen layout doesn’t work for your needs or your cabinet boxes are in poor condition, a Full Remodel is for you! To create your dream kitchen, we focus on function and quality. If you are looking for a new layout with quality products that will last, a full remodel is needed. We offer a variety of quality cabinet boxes and doors in various price ranges and materials. All are products are made in the U.S.A. and we offer econ-friendly options to keep you and your family healthy. We will work with licensed plumbers and electricians or can offer our in house services.

How Functional or Dysfunctional is your Kitchen? How you utilize your kitchen means we provide you with a personalized consultation for function and design. Take this quick quiz. For example, creating a warm Tuscan look and increasing storage space or clean white Shaker look with decorative hardware, wine storage and island storage for additional space.

Hybrid Remodel for Your Kitchen: is a unique way NY Kitchen reface can refurbish some of the quality cabinet boxes in your existing kitchen and add new doors, storage space and accessories to update and freshen up your kitchen. This decreases the cost of removing all your existing cabinets, thus more room in your budget for hardwood doors,dovetail drawers, accessories and accents like crown molding, etc.