How to Select a Style for Your Kitchen Reface


Create a Concept for your Kitchen: First start with a simple list of “Must Haves”, for your dream kitchen. Depending on your budget it may be one or more items…It may be Cherry or Maple Cabinets or Granite counter tops?  Do you need new appliances or can you incorporate your current ones and perhaps add side panels to update and create a seamless new kitchen. With Cabinet refacing, your remodel will have quality kitchen doors without replacing your cabinet boxes, so your budget is doable.

Create an Idea book with photos from various magazines or “pin” decorating idea to your Pintrest account.  Another thing to consider before you remodel your kitchen is your budget. This may require you to select a different type of wood or counter top to still have the look you want. Also, the reason for the remodel is another factor when you select the style for your new kitchen Reface. Do you plan to stay in your home for a few years or many? This may determine the style you select for your new kitchen.

Take an inventory on how the rest of your home is decorated. Is it something you just put together due to convenience or something you put a lot of thought into it. Perhaps there are piece in your collection or one room that you would like to carry into your kitchen. On the other hand, you may want something totally different from the rest of your home and the kitchen reface-remodel will spur those changes.  Many professional interior designers will take your favorite “pieces” ,  such as artwork, furniture, color and design your home or room around that!

Traditional – Choose a classic design which features raised panels from arched, dome or rectangular shaped.  Draw fronts can be customized with a raised or flat center panels,  to complete a classic look for your kitchen. If you want more emphasis on the raised panel, add a routed cut to a traditional style door or drawer front.

Some styles under this category include:

Craftsman- Arts & Craft, Mission Style is simplicity, practical in harmony with natural surroundings. Straight lines, right angles, exposed joinery. Natural tone wood is common with oak and cherry woods. Mitered corners add additional emphasis to doors.

Victorian style– A contemporary take on a classic turn of the century look- more routing to create regal style, dark wood with high gloss; Rope molding or beaded molding can give a kitchen a more country look, Victorian or elegant style.

A Country inspired kitchen can provide a very comfortable and charming look to your home. Choose from French Country, English Country or New England Country looks. Choose lite shades of cherry or maple, add a natural or glaze or paints. Painted choices like, Satin Antique White, Buttercream or a Country French Blue. Shaker Style- recessed panel doors are simple and have classic lines.

Contemporary Looks:  Clean lines focus on a simple , yet contemporary look by using color and texture.  Choose flat panel doors and drawer fronts; vertical grain looks;

Shaker Style can be either traditional or contemporary. It all depends upon the color you select, counter and accents. from white to a darker glazed door, such as espresso or  wild rice.

An Italian or European Look mainly consists of RTF doors with high gloss vinyl or paint ; Also flat panel hardwood doors in various types of wood are common.

A Retro and Vintage looks also incorporates High gloss and bright colors.

An Industrial look incorporates aluminum doors and glass to a style that became popular in the 50 and 60s and still is common today. Use of aluminum and concrete counter tops can create this look.

Whatever you are looking for NY Kitchen Reface can help. Contact Us now to set up an appointment and find out why Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the way to go.


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