Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing  the

best choice for you?


 Here are a few questions that should help you determine if Refacing your Kitchen Cabinets is right for you.

Are you satisfied with your current kitchen layout?

Refacing is the best choice if you plan to keep your current kitchen layout or only make minor adjustments. With the money you save by choosing refacing, you can upgrade your appliances, improve the functionality of your kitchen with new storage solutions, upgrade the counter top or choose a more decorative tile for a backsplash. Read more about getting your kitchen organized with storage solutions.

If you answered No, consider the following:

Changing your kitchen’s existing layout  only increases the cost of your remodel and might not be necessary. Each licensed workman, plumbing or electrical,  means more time and money.  Perhaps you can choose one change in the layout, thus reducing the cost of demolition and additional  licensed professionals. You can Read more about the types of layouts and how to make work zones more effective, and you can save time and money.

If your cabinet boxes are in good condition, your layout can be altered in minor ways and still reface your kitchen and save.


Are you changing your counter top?  __Yes   __ No

If you plan to keep your existing counter top, refacing is the best choice, since removing the countertop can cause damage to the cabinets or countertop itself.  However, many of our clients choose to update their counter while refacing (which we can also provide) but still see the value in refacing.

What is the Condition of your cabinet boxes   __ Poor     __Good  __ Like New

If you chose Good  or Like New, you are in great shape! This allows you to reuse the existing boxes which saves you the cost of demolition, additional materials and labor. It also keeps perfectly good cabinets out of the landfill.


Is there Water Damage ?   __ None  __ Only under Sink Cabinet   ___ More than one Cabinet Box

The best case scenario is no water damage on the existing cabinet boxes, but if there is minimal damage, consider replacing one or more cabinet box. The cabinet holding the sink is the most common area for water damage, but this cabinet can be replaced while you now update your existing sink and/or counter top. NY Kitchen can replace this cabinet and still create a uniform look for your kitchen.  Depending on the location of the damaged cabinet boxes, New York Kitchen Reface may be able to create  a combination reface and remodel project, by replacing only the damaged cabinet boxes.

Unfortunately, if your cabinet boxes are in bad shape, it may not be salvageable. NY Kitchen Reface can offer an affordable full remodels with USA made materials. As a smaller company we do not have a large overhead of big box home improvement chains.


Extra height is available between existing upper cabinets and ceiling?   __ Yes   __ No

You may want to add extra storage space by replacing the existing cabinets or adding wider crown molding for a different design feature.


 How long do your plan to stay in your current home? ___ less than 5 years   ___ approx. 10 years  __more than 10 years

NY Kitchen Reface offers a variety of materials for any budget. You can choose hardwood doors with many features and decorative additions for trim and panels. You also can choose to update the kitchen to appeal to the next buyer with a more contemporary look, with a popular white Shaker style door for example.

The National Home-builder’s Association’s survey states that homebuyers stay in their “forever” home on average 13 years, with first time homeowners usually stay for approx 11 years. Apparently homeowner mobility has declined since 2007.

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